Admin of a Clubbing website

This demo will show you how the PHP Admin Panel looks like when it's used as a simple website administration panel. For security reasons, you will be logged in as a restricted administrator. However, you can add events in the website interface and view them in the admin panel section.

Created in: 30 minutes

Reason to view this demo: basic user interface

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Admin panel shop

This demo simulates the admin panel of a small shop, with sales, products and articles. You can login with a generic username and test some nice features. Also, you can ask questions and some custom features to be implemented into this demo, only for you.

Created in: 1 hour

Reason to view this demo: generic features

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Customer relationship management

This CRM is a powerful and easy to use tool that allows you to keep in touch with your customers and also control your entire business. In this demo you will be able to create two types of users (clients and support officer); each user type has different privileges.

Created in: 6 hours

Reason to view this demo: users and privileges

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Videos and examples

The framework comes with a complete documentation and lots of videos and examples. It will take you less than an hour to install and create your own application without having advanced programming skills.

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A flexible framework

However, if you are a programmer, this is a powerful framework that works with PHP, MySql and PDO. The interface and all themes are based on Smarty and you will be able to design whatever you want with great speed.

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Cool features

The login system will allow you to lock or disable the user after a number of fails, you can have multiple users that have different privileges, avoid duplicates, update multiple records at once, import and export CSV and many others.

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